Plastic Pet Recycling Plant

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PET bottles recycling plant

This recycling plant will process 10,000 tons of transparent plastic bottles per year in flakes, Every day, 40 tons of transparent plastic will be processed. which will then be provided to manufacturers who reuse plastic for their new products around the world . We have a customer that is willing to give us a Letter of intent for the possible purchase of all 10,000 tonnes of plastic flake . at the moment this UK customer is useing just over 10,000 tonnes per year and could take all our product . So we would be looking to expand as quickly as possible do help address the world shortage for this products and the battle against plastic . Our plant will use solar electricity to reduce the pollution that could be generated in the process, the plant will be 1500 square meters in-house and we will have a minimum of 25 on-site workers and 25 other off-site workers at the drop-off points and drive our collection trucks. The plant will work 20 to 24 hours a day and deliveries will arrive this time. Our goal is to expand this process and other waste management / recycling options in 2019, with the goal of having up to 100 people for us by the end of 2020..

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