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Why/about Fenton Hall?

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Fenton Hall is a ‘’green’’ investment service with a unique angle compared to others. What makes us different? We’re exclusive to all the projects we bring to our Investors.

Every project we do is eco-friendly. From solar PV to water harvesting in the some of the driest of climates around the world, our focus is to realize excellence in environmental and social investing purposely for the benefit of our clients and the world at large.

We want to make a difference !


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Your investments create long-term employment and help us invest in training the next generation.

Fenton Hall was the idea of our CEO Gareth Hall. He decided there was enough of these big corporate companies making more money and the average Joe not receiving any benefit let alone people in the project areas barely affording to live.
Gareth birthed the idea after closely analysing how investments could be better managed and make a difference.
He decided it was high time things were run differently. And according to us, everybody could benefit and feel good for what they are doing.
We customized our investment model to tap into the countless opportunities that ecological risks present.

Our team has a strong track record in Environmental projects around the world , with over 10 years experience in the market we believe our projects and investments are right .

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